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About Natiboo

Consulting, custom software development and support are just tools in which we are experts.
We have been supporting our customers for more than 15 years as if we were part of their organisation. We apply the digital transformation as a means and not as an end to achieve your goals.
For us, there are three fundamental principles:


We understand your needs

Our clients are not numbers. They have names, surnames, special circumstances and unique needs. Empathy and communication are essential to understand exactly what our customers expect of us.


Our success is yours

We do well when our customers do well. Our success does not depend on growing, reaching more customers or expanding our service portfolio. Our success depends on our customers continuing to trust us and recommending our work.


We speak your language

We do not use technology to put ourselves above our customers , but to get closer to them and their business, make them more competitive and save them costs and headaches.
That is why you will not find technical jargon around here.


Our services cover any technological need or digital transformation, from consulting to the implementation of any software solution (websites, mobile app, e-commerce, chatbots, data integration...).


Our Team

At Natiboo we are a distributed team of more than 15 professionals, most of them digital nomads, throughout the world.
The diversity and versatility provided by this composition are very beneficial for our activity.
The main operations and the relationship with the clients are carried out by two people:

Eduardo Martos

Eduardo Martos

Innovation and technology

I like technology and software development, undertake new projects and be in the day to day of our customers.

Teamwork, self-criticism and continuous learning are fundamental to my work. And above all, the attitude on which any project depends.

Isabel Barea

Isabel Barea

Functionality and usability

Understanding the final product, how people are going to use it and what they expect from it is what I look for in each project I am involved in.

Technology gives me the opportunity to solve real problems of the people behind our developments.

Our Clients

Our customer base is made up of large organisations and SMEs. Here you can see some of them.

Presidencia de la República de Ecuador



Circle Products GmbH


module-7 GmbH

Parkway Logic Ltd

BlackTri Optimizer

Cercle Social

Fundación Progreso y Salud

Universidad de Sevilla

Cámara de Comercio de Sevilla

Ayuntamiento de Huelva

Caymasa El Sendero


Pro Hub Fashion



Jumping To Fame



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